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CRE8 | Premium Glossy Laser Paper A4 200g/20 sheets

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Glossy Photo Paper is designed specifically for reproduction of photographs. It provides high level of whiteness to create the brightness colours and sharpest images. It gives out astonishing high gloss finish for that extra shine and perfect finish. 

Type : Premium Glossy Laser Paper 

Product Code: LPG200P

Paper Size : A4 

Paper Weight : 200gsm

Paper Quantity : 20 sheets per pack

Paper Resolution : 5760 dpi

Application : Ideal for creating standouts glossy prints, including brochures, flyers and marketing material.

Use On : Only for laser printer

Features : 

  • High resolution paper which up to 5760 dpi.
  • Dry quickly and instantly.
  • Compatible to all inkjet printers. 
  • High water resistant level.
  • Durable surface printing technology.

Instruction :

  • For high quality printouts, load the printable side. 
  • Select the right paper typesetting from either software application or front panel buttons on printer. 


High Gloss Finish, Instant Dry, Fade Resistant