CRE8 | How To Tell If You Should Change Your Printer

CRE8 | How To Tell If You Should Change Your Printer?

How to tell if you should change your printer?

Back in year 868 CE, the idea of printing was born and invented by our ancestor from Great China which goes by the name of woodblock printing. Who would have thought that the evolution of printing can benefits so many eventually? That being said, the world we live in today is changing at an extremely fast pace, there’s no way we can stay constant on the cutting edge of technology. However, we surely do not want to be too far behind the blocks would we? There’s only one way to find out whether it is time to up your printing device game, which is to CONTINUE READING THIS ARTICLE….

If the printer you had has been sitting in that corner for as long as you can remember, maybe it is time to call for a ‘full body check-up’ in order to identify whether it is performing up to your standard and needs. There are a few main points users should take into consideration such as our printer efficiency, performance, noise and compatibility. The seemingly perfect piece of device might not be as perfect as you imagine after all. We always tend to get too attach over familiar object, afraid that we might not know how to speak with new device. But then again this should not be the obstacle that limits us towards technology advancement. Although it might take a while to understand all the buttons, functions and what not of a new device but at the end of the day the overall results and experience is worthy and rewarding! To put it in a simpler way, are you currently paying more to repair/service your printer than to buy a brand new ones?   

As mentioned above, let’s drill down to the details of each main points we can cross check before we move on to a new printer.


Is your printer efficient?

First of all, have you ever come across a time or many times that you have to spend time waiting beside your device for a stack of documents? How long does it take? We may not pay attention to time being used on printing but I’m sure you have experienced the frustration of slow print time. Most of the time, slow print speeds are caused by having a printer model too old, or it can be an indication that the internal parts are becoming frail due to old aged printer as well. Either way, every second of your time is valuable, if this has been an issue or a struggle for a while now, make that decision to ditch your old device for a brighter tomorrow. We certainly not want the efficiency of your printer to add on more stress and white hairs to you than you already have! 


Are you satisfied with the performance of your printer?

Either way, your time is valuable and it may not be worth the headache to keep using a slow printer.

But keeping that printer alive may cost you more money than it’s worth. Ask yourself: is your old printer still serving you, or requiring you to service it?

Consumers who aren’t particularly tech-savvy may need help assessing whether it’s worth keeping that old printer going. Read on to learn how you can recognize the signs that your printer needs to be replaced.

Everything has a lifespan, if you are facing slow print speeds now or print blemishes are often appeared by new ink cartridge, it shows your printer is failing. Other than that, there is a possibility of your printer’s technology is outdated. Instead of repairing old printers, it is better for you to get a new one instead. And also when you hear grinding/clicking sounds, it is a sign of your printer breaking.

With the information shared above, we hope that it helps you to identify whether it is time to get rid of your aged device. Put that aside, you should change your printer when you think you need to and of course when you want to. Otherwise, it will be because you have to.

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